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About our company

OZ Web Studio is a team of online marketing professionals comprising of web designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, marketers and among others.

Our web design approach is like the baking process: You provide the ingredients, and we spice it up to create personalized solutions for your online marketing strategy. We study your business and analyze the market to find the best online solution for your business.

We have the best interest of your business at heart. We seek to help you earn more through the best online strategies in web design, branding, and marketing.

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With over 10 years of experience in web design and a brigade of online marketing chefs, we are ready to match the taste of your customers with excellent, informative and engaging web design solutions.

Quality Marketing

OZ Web Studio will help you attract more visitors, keep them engaged, and convert them into repeat customers using winning online marketing strategies.

More Prospects

A powerful brand strategy retains your customers and converts more prospects. You can distinguish your business brand from the rest.

What our customers say

  • The most professional web designer I ever worked with. Oxana is always open to any ideas, very attentive to all remarks, her creativity impressed me lots of times. I am a happy satisfied customer.
    Nathalie Terekhova
  • When I met Oxana from OZ Web Studio in April 2017 I had only main idea what and how website should look. From the beginning Oxana paid attention to every and each word, suggested an optimal package, useful advanced features and CEO, exactly that I wanted. Her talent and professionalism showed during our endless conversations about little but important details for each page of my website. Her design came up bright, easy-navigated and well-compacted. We launched up Greenviron site in May 2017 and I already have got few orders-requests via website. Well Done, Oxana! I wish you the growth and interesting projects!
    Larissa Klimanova
    Greenviron Ltd.
  • Correctly. Professionally. Excellent Job. Thank you!
    Marat Karakuz
  • I had very high expectations of the website I wanted to build for my business, but I had no idea where to begin. Oxana was quick to pick up my belief and vision of what I wanted in the end. OZ Web Studio was able to integrate my brand and business strategy on the website. Great website development and marketing team!
    Ludmila Savlukova
    Uchet-Audit Ltd
  • I am so thrilled by Oxana’s creativity in branding my business. OZ Web Studio did precise and concise market research and analysis for me. The Logo design was a job well done. Thanks a lot!
    Alex Sergovich
  • I had no idea about ranking on search engines, but after a cup of coffee with Oxana, I now understand the basics of SEO. OZ Web Studio was able to improve my ranking on Google. The results are fantastic, new visitors every day.
    Evgenia Rubanova
    Replica Shop Ltd.
  • I contracted OZ Web Studio to design my personal blog website. To my opinion, Oxana is not only just a technical website creator but also an excellent designer who feels a balance and harmony between location, colors, font sizes and styles. When the personal blog website was almost complete, due to changes in the goals and objectives of the website, I had to ask Oxana to substantially remodel it. I know that reconstruction of a website is a pain for web designers. But Oxana did a great job and I’m happy with the result of her hard work. I’d be happy to recommend OZ Web Studio as a web-development company.
    Yury Sorokin
    Mortgage Specialist at RBC

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